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Agatay mud srpirng at Tuzkol lake in the Ulytau mountains, Karaganda region, Kazakhstan.

Medicinal mud in Kazakhstan.

Mud healing spring Agatay.

The Agatay mud spring is located on Lake Tuzkol. Lake Tuzkol is a saline lake without drainage. The lake is a landmark of the Almaty region, Ulytau district. The lake is not big, but very picturesque. From the lake you can see the Khan Tengri peak, there are very beautiful sunsets and sunrises. The lake is 1.1 kilometers long and 600 meters wide at its widest part.

Mud spring Agatay lake Tuzkol - a trip from the city of Almaty.

The Agatay mud spring and Tuzkol lake are located in the Karaganda region, Ulytau district. The Edyge mountains are also located here, from the Edyge mountains to the lake the distance is 22 kilometers. From the village of Sarlyk to the lake is 22 kilometers.
GPS coordinates of Tuzkol lake and Agatay therapeutic mud: N48 ° 35'31.12 "E66 ° 30'23.11"

Mud spring Agatay on Lake Tuzkol - information for tourists.

We recommend traveling to this region in June and July, as locals claim that it is at this time that therapeutic mud is most effective. The temperature of the medium is high, the dirt heats up and becomes softer, from which its properties are supposed to be improved according to observations. Mud baths should not be taken for a long time, the procedure for being in such a bath should not exceed 15-20 minutes (since it is not recommended for people who have heart problems to stay in such baths for a long time).

Mud spring Agatay on Lake Tuzkol.