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Crying cave in Mashat canyon, Turkestan region, Kazakhstan.

Excursion to the Mashat canyon.

Travel to the Crying Cave in the Mashat Canyon.

The Crying Cave is a natural landmark in the region. This cave also keeps the legend of two lovers who spent time in this cave. Young lovers were forbidden to be together and therefore they hid here from human eyes. In one day the girl turned into a river into a guy who became a rock along which this river flows.

Crying cave in Mashat canyon - how to get there.

The cave is located in the Turkestan region in Kazakhstan in the Mashat canyon, Tyulkubassiy district. The height of the cave is 599 meters above sea level. The cave is part of the Karasakal and Shoshka Bulak mountains. The main landmark here is the Altyn Bulak rest house. The cave is located 300 meters above this holiday home.

GPS coordinates of the Cruing Cave in Mashat Canyon: N42 ° 25'31.27 "E70 ° 01'28.66"

Crying cave, Mashat canyon - information for tourists.

During the Soviet era, many pioneer camps were built in the Mashat canyon, in which children spent their summer holidays. The famous Golden Key pioneer camp was here. This canyon and cave is a local attraction and is very popular. There is a good climate here to spend time and relax in nature.

Crying Cave, Mashat Canyon.


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