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Shu river, Zhambyl region, Kazakhstan.

Rafting on the Shu (Chu) river.

Shu is a river in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. Length - 1186 km (600 km in Kazakhstan).

The beginning of the Shu River.

The Shu (Chu) river comes from the confluence of the Zhuanaryk and Koshkar rivers, which originate in Tereskey Alatau and the Kyrgyz Alatau.

Shu (Chu) river - information about the river.

There are 80 large and small industries on the river, the largest (in Kazakhstan): Koragaty, Merke, Karabalta, Aksu, etc. Crossing the Alatau and Kyrgyz ridges, Shu formed the Upper Ortotokoi and Lower Ortotokoi gorges. Ortotokoy Dam was built next to the latter. At the bottom, Shu overlooks the Issyk-Kul basin. In the 1950s, a part of the Shu River flowed into Lake Issyk-Kul through the Kotemaldinsky arm during floods.

After leaving the valley, passing through several narrower gorges, after the Boom gorge, the river gradually widens. Beyond the Koragaty river, the Shu river reaches the Moinkum (desert) sands. Then it splits into several branches. During floods, water from the northern slopes of the Karatau mountains reaches the lakes of the Ashysin depression between the foothills and the Betpakdala desert.

Shu (Chu) river - hydrolgy.

The river is replenished by snow, rain and groundwater. There is a Tasotkel dam on the territory of Kazakhstan. For irrigation, the Eastern and Western Big Shu, the Shu canal, Sortobe, Georgievka, Atbashi and other canals, and small hydroelectric power stations are used. The water of the Shu River is used for irrigation of more than 60 thousand hectares of arable land in the basin.

Shu (Chu) river.


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