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Восточный Казахстан, жемчужина центральной Азии.

Natural sights of East Kazakhstan.

Tours and excursions across East Kazakhstan.

East Kazakhstan is the pearl of Central Asia and the Republic of Kazakhstan. The region is quite extensive, the territory of this region includes various types of terrain, mountains, plains, hilly areas and steppe. Gorny Altai (Kazakhstani Altai) is located in East Kazakhstan, a vast mountainous area with different elevation differences where natural attractions and tourist routes are located. The famous Belukha Mountain is located here, to which many routes have been laid both from the side of Kazakhstan and from the side of the Russian Federation.

East Kazakhstan - how to get there.

Getting to East Kazakhstan is very easy and simple, for this you will need to use the services of our company. We provide a full range of services for visiting the region. This region for the most part is a mountainous area where high-altitude roads are located. We recommend a 4x4 car to get around this area.

East Kazakhstan - information for tourists.

Traveling in East Kazakhstan is easy and simple. To do this, you need to know the route along which you decide to move, place checkpoints, prepare equipment and start your journey. Our company has carried out a full monitoring of this region for a long time and has made several combined routes (jeep tour, hiking, hiking, and horseback riding).

Travels across East Kazakhstan.


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