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Katun mountain ridge, Kazakhstan Altai (Altai Republic), eastern Kazakhstan.

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Sights of the Katun ridge and Kazakhstan Altai.

The mountain range is composed of metamorphic schists and granites. It is rich in polymetallic ores and gold reserves. There are 386 glaciers on the slopes of the Katunsky ridge with a total area of 279 km2. At the western foot of the ridge, there is the Rakhmana spring, which has healing properties. The climate is sharply continental, winters are cold. In the middle of winter, the temperature in the mountain valleys drops to -50-52 ° C. Summers are mild, in July 10-14 ° C, the temperature on the mountain tops is -6-8 ° C. Precipitation is about 500-1000 mm.

Katun ridge - how to get there.

The Katyn Ridge is located on the border of Russia (Altai Republic) and Kazakhstan. The southwestern part of the Katyn ridge extends into the East Kazakhstan region. The highest point of Gorny Altai (Mount Muztau, 4506 m), in the central part of this ridge. The length of the Katunsky ridge is 150 km.

Katun ridge - information for tourists.

On the slopes there are gray soils of mountain forests and purple soils of mountains. Pine and cedar grow at an altitude of 2000-2200 m, lichen and moss grow on rocky slopes. This region is rich in wildlife. It is inhabited by brown bears, wolverines, deer, squirrels, lynx, foxes, sable, red deer, muskrats, etc. The western foothills of the ridge are suitable for agriculture.

Katun ridge.


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