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Mount Otpan Tau in Mangyshlak

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Otpan Tau Mountain and the history of Mangystau -

Translated from the Kazakh language, "Otpan" means fire, "Tau" means mountain, which means Fiery Mountain. Otpan Tau Mountain in Mangystau is one of the central points of the region. The mountain is an elevation of 540 meters above sea level, which is quite high for this region. Otpan Tau Mountain offers a beautiful panorama of the surrounding area. A monument to Adai (Adai-Ata) and two stele minarets and a museum were also erected on the mountain. The height of the monument to Adai is 37 meters and symbolizes itself, two minarets on the sides symbolize the wings of Adai Ata and his two sons, Kudaike and Kilimberda.

How to get there, visit -

Otpan Tau Mountain is located 8 kilometers from the village of Shayyr, 22 kilometers from the village of Shetpe, Western Karatau Mountains, Mangystau district, Mangystau region, Republic of Kazakhstan. The main landmarks here are the Karasai and Besbulak mountain tracts, between which the Otpan Tau Mountain is located.
GPS coordinates: 44°11'15N 51°53'21E

Information -

A 360-step staircase leads to the top of Otpan Tau Mountain, and the Otpan Tau historical and cultural complex is located here. There is a monument to Adai Ata on the top of the mountain. Adai was the ancestor of the Kazakh tribe Adai. Adai Ata lived in the XV century. There is also a figure of a wolf, which symbolizes a symbol of freedom and a symbol of strength. The sculpture of a leopard is also installed here, next to the Aksaray building. Aksaray is an octagonal building (the number 8 is considered sacred by the Turkic peoples and symbolizes the infinity of the universe). The complex was opened in 2007.

Otpan Tau Mountain in Mangystau region


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