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Usak tract and ancient fossils

Trip from the Torysh tract to the Usak tract

Travel from Almaty city to Mangyshlak

Usak is the name of the white valley, which is made up of local white limestone that makes up the entire land of the region. White color and unusual natural formations convey fantastic images and unusual landscape panoramas to the area. With the arrival of sunset, the area takes on an even more magical look and you can take excellent panoramic pictures of the sunset here.

Usak tract - how to get there

Usak tract is located in Mangistau region, Mangyshlak peninsula, Republic of Kazakhstan. The tract is located in the central part of the Mangyshlak peninsula, from the bay of Koshak to the tract 9 kilometers. The road Aktau - Karazhambas, Kalamkas, Buzachi (oil fields) passes through the tract.

Usak tract - information for tourists

To visit the Usak tract, you will need a 4x4 car, as this region does not have any tourist infrastructure, so the journey here is carried out with fully autonomous equipment for setting up a base camp. Trees grow in the Usak tract and here you can find small picturesque oases, which are quite numerous in this tract. Here you will meet ancient fossils, see the local valley of castles and towers of giants. The nature of this region is very rich and interesting, here is completely wilderness where you will feel completely alone away from the benefits of civilization.

Usak tract in Mangyshlak


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