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Ryn sands, Naryn sands, Western Kazakhstan.

Travels in the deserts of Kazakhstan.

Tour to the Ryn desert from the city of Atyrau.

Area 40 thousand km. The sandy area is on average 21 m below sea level. The region is composed of deposits of the Khvalynsk and Khazar periods of the Caspian Sea. There are also Neogene and Permian-Triassic rocks. It consists of the massifs Batpaysagyr, Terektikum, Zhamankum, Orda, Bozanay, Kosdaulet, Menteke. The northeast is occupied by the Kamys-Samara floodplain.

Ryn Sands - how to get there.

Naryn sands or Ryn sands are located in the northwestern part of the Caspian basin, between the Volga and Ural rivers. Administratively, it covers the Kurmangazy, Makhambet districts of the Atyrau region and the southern part of the Bokey-Orda, Zhanakalinsky and Akzhayik districts of the West Kazakhstan region.

Ryn Sands - information for tourists.

The climate is sharply continental, the average January temperature is -10.4 - 12.2 ° С, in July - 24.9 - 25.5 ° С. The annual precipitation is 214 - 246 mm. The thickness of the snow does not exceed 10 cm. The evaporation of moisture from the ground is 5-6 times more than precipitation. Strong winds and dust storms often blow. There are no sustainable rivers. Groundwater reserves are large (at a depth of 1.5 - 2 m). There are many wells and oases here. The spring floodplains of Karaozen and Saryozen sometimes irrigate the northern part of the Naryn sands. The soil cover consists mainly of light brown, sandy loam, saline gray soils. Birch, poplar, beech, aspen grow here. Saiga, rabbit, corsac, steppe mink, etc. live here. The Orda geobotanical reserve is located here, which is located on the territory of the Naryn sands.

Ryn sands, Naryn desert.


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