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Ayrtau mountains in the Kokshetau natural park.

Travel to the Ayrtau mountains from the city of Kokshetau.

Excursion to the Ayrtau mountains from the city of Nursultan.

The Ayrtau mountains and the Ayrtau mountain range, the length of the massif is 25 kilometers, the highest point of the massif is Mount Aksuran (height 555 meters above sea level). The width of the mountain range is 22 kilometers. The places are very beautiful and picturesque. This mountain range is a natural landmark of the region. There is a beautiful lake Shalkar, and the same beautiful valley of the Zmeyka river.

Ayrtau mountains - Shalkar lake - how to get there.

The mountain range is located on the territory of Kazakhstan in the Northern Kazakhstan region, Ayrtau district, the main landmark here is Lake Beloe and Lake Shalkar. Also, two lakes Lobanovskoye and Baysary are located in the central part of the Ayrtau mountains and are landmarks for the location of the Ayrtau mountains.

Kokshetau park in the Ayrtau mountains - information for the tourist.

Kokshetau State National Natural Park was created by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan on April 10, 1996 with the aim of preserving and restoring a unique natural complex in special ecological, historical, scientific, aesthetic and recreational zones of Aiyrtau and Zerendinsky districts of Northern Kazakhstan and Akmola region.

Kokshetau park - general information.

The main area of the park is 151.1 thousand hectares, including ancient pine forests, groves and former Zerendinsky, Arykbalyksky, Ozerny forestries, enterprises, birch and aspen forests of Dubrovsky forestry, as well as lakes Zerendi, Imantau, Shalkar, Lobanovskoye, Beloye and Baysar lakes adjacent to the protected area. Geographically, the park is located on a high-mountain forest plateau in the territory of Northern Kazakhstan, 60 km west of the city of Kokshetau. The vast territory of the park and its protected area (about 5 thousand km²) is a unique museum of nature as a historical heritage reflecting the development of man and nature in antiquity and in our time.

Protection of Kokshetau nature park and Ayrtau mountains.

All land of Kokshetau nature state park and Ayrtau moutains staing aunder protection of the repaublic of Kazakhstan. The state protects 700 plant species, 305 animal species, about 30% of all flora and fauna of Kazakhstan, as well as geological, archaeological, historical and cultural monuments (including the Neolithic settlement of Botai).

Tourism in Ayrtau mountains.

10% of the territory is occupied by recreation areas located on the shores of the large lakes Shalkar, Imantau, Zerendi, serving visitors and tourists.

Ayrtau mountains - Kokshetau park.


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