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Lakes in the Ayrtau mountains, Northern Kazakhstan.

Lakes near the city of Kokshetau.

Rest on the lakes of Kokshetau.

In total, there are 25 lakes in this area, their sizes are not large, the largest are lakes Imantau, Shalkar, Lobanovo. Of the small lakes, these are Akkol (White), Baisary, Koskol, Ayrtau.
The lakes have no runoff, the lakes are of tectonic origin. The depths in the lakes are different, varying from 8 meters to 30 meters in depth.

Lakes in the Ayrtau mountains - how to get there.

The lakes are located partly in the North Kazakhstan region and East Kazakhstan region, Aiyrtau district.

Kokshetau lakes - information for tourists.

Lakes are sources of water supply; lakes never dry up. The water in them is replenished due to the spring melting of snow and precipitation in the form of rain. The lakes are a local attraction, on the shores of some there are recreation centers, as well as on the shore you can stay with your stationary transport base camp.

Lakes in the Ayrtau mountains.


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