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Mountain valley Karkara in Almaty region

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Karkara is the name of a hilly, picturesque and very beautiful area. An auto road from Kegen village to Narynkol village runs along Karkara. The Karkara area is part of the Terskey Alatau and Kungey Alatau mountains, as well as the small Kopyl mountains and Chikbay mountains.

How to get there -

Karkara is located in the Almaty region, Kegen district. The Karkara tract is located at an altitude of 2065 meters above sea level, the main landmark here is the mountain village of Kegen, which is located at an altitude of 1850 meters above sea level. The length of the tract is 31 kilometers along the Kegen-Narynkol road. The highest point on the terrain is Shoaldyr Pass 2257 meters above sea level.

Information for tourists -

The picturesque Irsu River and the Karkara River flow through the Karkara tract. The tract is very picturesque and beautiful, it is a local attraction and a place of tourism. In ancient times, the Great Silk Road passed through the territory of the Karkara tract. On the territory of the Karkara tract in ancient and modern times, the famous Karkarinsky fair was held and is being held. In the Karkara Valley, shepherds graze their livestock during the summer.

We recommend traveling through the Karkara Valley in the summer, as it is quite cold in winter and there is a lot of snow. The word Karkara denotes the name of a heron bird that lives in this region. Karkara was also called the chests that the locals transported when they changed their place of residence. Why the chests were called Karkara because the chests on the horses looked like the local mountains.

Mountain tract Karkara


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