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Singing Barkhan, Akkum-Kalkan

Drive from Almaty city to Altyn-Emel park

Excursion from the city of Almaty to the Singing Dune

The Singing Dune (Singing Mountain) or Akkum-Kalkan (kaz) is the name of the sand dune, which is located on the territory of the Alty-Emel National State Natural Park. The Singing Dune is called so because it really knows how to sing. When a strong wind blows in a given place or you run down the dune from its top, a characteristic noise or howl is heard, which, as they say, makes sand, or sand particles, from friction of particles against each other.

Singing dunes, Altyn Emel – Video

Singing Dune

Altyn Emel - Singing Dune

Singing Dunehow to get there

The singing dune is located in the Almaty region in Kazakhstan on the territory of the Altyn-Emel park, not far from the city of Almaty. The distance from the city of Almaty to the singing dune is about 180 kilometers, 2.5 hours one way.

Singing dunelegends and myths

The Singing Dune is a mystery of the XXI century, in Kazakh the Singing Dune is translated as Akkum-Kalkan, the height of the dune is 150 meters above sea level, 8 kilometers long, 3 kilometers wide. The Singing Dune served as a sound beacon for caravans on the Silk Road. When the caravan was walking, the sound from the dune could be heard several kilometers away, which was the correct reference and direction for the caravan. The caravan men used to say that if the sound from the dune was very strong, they would stop here for several days to wait out the bad weather. By convention, the stronger the noise from the mountain, the more changeable the weather becomes.

Locals say that there was once a magical city here, which still stands under the singing dune and sings from the ground with the ringing of bells.

It is also believed that the sound is made by magical animals that live under the sand, and greet guests with a lingering howl.

The most popular legend is considered to be about Shaitan, Shaitan in Russian means the devil. When the devil walked home on the land of Kazakhstan, he fell asleep in this place and turned into a mountain of sand, and so he sings now in his sleep and never wakes up. If he suddenly wakes up, it is believed that the end of the world will come. Therefore, people go there and by their presence make the devil sleep so that he does not wake up. Locals say that if people stop coming here, the devil will wake up and go looking for people.

It is considered a good sign if you climb to the top of the dune, make a wish, it will certainly come true.

Singing dunesmain title

When traveling to the Singing Dune, you must have a supply of water, at least two liters per person, a 4x4 car, sun goggles, a cap or a hat for the head, good shoes, (the sand can be very hot during the daytime), the Singing Dune - this object is located under the protection of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and is located in a protected area of a natural park, paid travel is possible.

Singing dune – Akkum-Kalkan


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