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Valley of Balls in the Torysh tract

Legends of the Valley of Balls on the Tuzbair plateau -

Research tour to the Torysh plateau in the Valley of the Balls -

According to one of the legends, the Valley of Balls Torysh is a war that came to Mangistau to conquer this territory and defeat the local population. According to legend, the wars failed to do this; the local residents had friends, local gods who guarded these places. When the enemy came, the gods gave strength to the local nomads and the nomads, together with the gods, turned the enemies into round stones with which the Tuzbair plateau was strewn. So the enemy was defeated, and the local residents continued to live in peace and tranquility.

How to get from Almaty -

The Valley of the Torysh balls is located in the Mangistau region, on the Mangyshlak peninsula, the Republic of Kazakhstan. Getting here is very easy; all you need is a 4x4 vehicle, equipment for setting up a base camp, water and food, and of course your desire. Don't forget to wear boots to avoid injuring your feet, and you should also have sun protection glasses and a hat.

Valley of Torysh balls - legends and scientific basis -

There is no consensus on where these balls came from. Some researchers talk about the natural origin of the balls; mystics and esotericists blame UFOs and unknown underground forces for the formation of the balls. Local residents also have their own beliefs and legends.

Legend No. 1 says that this place Torysh was the place where the giants played, who rolled these balls, for example, just like a person plays bowling now, the so-called ancient bowling alley was located in this region.

Legend No. 2 says that the giants had children who imagined these balls as some kind of game pieces, and thereby rolling them they played a game that resembles modern curling, where you knock out another with one stone.

Legend No. 3 says that these stone balls are ancient fossilized dinosaur eggs, the theory has not been confirmed since among the balls there are half-broken balls and nothing resembling the petrified fruit of any dinosaurs can be seen inside.

The official version of the formation of the valley of balls-Torysh -

If we take into account the official version of the origin of the balls, scientists say that when our planet was formed, powerful lightning strikes struck, after which round-shaped earthen ties were formed in the earth's crust, which then came to the surface. The exact time is not specified and specific evidence is not provided, which speaks of a theory and not a scientific fact of this phenomenon.

Valley of Torysh balls in Mangistau region


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