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Lake Saura (Turtle Lake), Saura tract, Mangistau region, Kazakhstan.

Travel to Lake Saura.

Drive from Aktau to Saura tract.

The attraction of the Saura tract is the Saura lake. Lake Saura is shrouded in legends and myths. Lake Saura is also associated with the great mystic and Sufi Beket Ata. This place is sacred, if a woman cannot get pregnant she goes to Lake Saura and after visiting this place, magically her wish comes true. The same goes for men. Therefore, here you can often find young couples who cannot have children. According to the stories of local residents, people's wishes come true here, and there are many confirmed facts.

Legends of Lake Saura.

Legend has it that once upon a time in this area lived a woman who became pregnant from a man who, after learning that they would have a child, abandoned the woman. Out of grief, she came to the place and cried for a long time, and then threw herself from the ledge surrounding the place where Lake Saura was then formed. The unborn child of this unfortunate woman comes to every sterile woman who has visited this place and wanted to become pregnant. The water in the lake is a little salty, they say that these are the tears of this woman. After this incident, the place acquired magical power and attracts researchers and travelers.

Lake Saura - Saura tract - how to get there.

Lake Saura is located on the eastern coast of the Caspian Sea, the distance from the city of Shefchenko to the tract Saura is 54 kilometers, from the city of Aktau to Lake Saura 69 kilometers (1 hour on the way), Mangistau region, Tyupkaragan region, Tyupkaragan peninsula.

GPS coordinates of the Saura tract: N44 ° 13'46.45 "E50 ° 48'23.85"

Lake Saura - tract Saura - information for tourists.

The lake is located in a spherical bowl or rounded depression with steep slopes up to 50 meters high. The lake is filled with crystal clear spring water, which enters the lake from many small streams that flow into the lake from different directions. The lake is inhabited by marsh turtles. Researchers believe that the lake is somehow connected with the Caspian Sea. Nearby is the Caspian Sea with a beautiful beach, so when traveling around this region we will immediately cover many interesting places including the underground Beket Ata mosque.

Lake Saura, tract Saura.


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