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Barsakelmes peninsula, a mystical and secret place of Kazakhstan

Travel to the Barsakelmes island

Mysterious places of Kazakhstan - Barsakelmes island

Barsakelmes in translation from the Kazakh language means - “You will not believe”. Rumor has it that on Barsakelmes, the military found an entrance to the magical Shambhala, but the guards of the entrance do not allow people who have bad thoughts and insidious motives in their heads. Only a person who is pure in mind and heart can cross the threshold between our worlds and get to the magical land of Shambala.

Temporary anomaly on Barsakelmes

Another legend of Barskakelmes is associated with time, it is said that on the island and its surroundings there are temporary pits or time gaps in which people sometimes fall. The nature of this phenomenon has not been studied because it defies explanation. In the 60s, a group of scientists went to the island and, as they claim, fell into such a temporary anomaly. The group got into a fog, in which they felt for three hours, but in fact, when the fog cleared, a day or even more passed.

The Tale of Barsakelmes

There is also a folk tale about Koblandy batyr who ended up on an enchanted island where he slept for three days and three nights, and when he returned from the island he learned that 33 years had passed since he left for the island.

Military research at Barsakelmes

Another story is related to the military experiments that the military conducted with the same temporary fog, they equipped a battle tank in which they installed research equipment, put a young soldier in the tank, and an order was given to follow into the fog. The tankman was ordered to always stay in touch and say what was happening to him, the broadcast did not stop, the soldier reported on his condition and suddenly disappeared. When the soldier was ordered to return, the military received the answer "Why return?" The tank was then found intact and not damaged, but the pilot of the tank was not in it, the young soldier was never found.

Barsakelmes and UFOs

Ufologists who studied the island of Barsakelmes claim that unexplained UFO activity is taking place in this region, lonely researchers claim to observe here all kinds of glow in the sky, dim or bright and sometimes of different colors. But the most interesting fact of the island is that if you travel here one or at most two of you, then you will definitely see and feel something. They say that the island does not show its wonders to large groups, but only shows them to lonely travelers or when there are no more than two people in a group.

Barsakelmeshow to get there

Barsakelmes peninsula is located in the northern part of the Aral Sea. It is located in the Aral Sea region, Kyzylorda region on the territory of Kazakhstan. Before the seawater outlet, the length of the island was 28 km, now 8 km and 133 km2 (1987).

Barsakelmesinformation for tourists

After the sea dried up, the names of the surrounding geographic features changed. The bottom of the Aral Sea became known as the Aral Desert. In the 1990s, the island of Barsakelmes was renamed the Barsakelmes peninsula, and since 2009 it has lost its “peninsula” status, turning into a hill instead of the sea, now known as a former island. The terrain is hilly. The absolute height (Chagalaly hill) is 113 m. Among the plants are saxaul, several types of wormwood. In connection with the withdrawal of sea water and salinization of the soil, the animals of the peninsula (saigas, wild donkeys, gazelles, hares, etc.) were transferred to the Kapchagai hunting reserve and the Ustyurt reserve.

Barsakelmes is a secret territory


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