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Aulie Agash sacred tree (Kieli Agash tree of desires)

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Sacred and mysterious places of Kazakhstan -

Aulie Agash is a tree (elm) that grows throughout the territory of Kazakhstan. For its kind, Aulie Agash in this place has grown into a fairly large specimen in a single quantity, which indicates its uniqueness.

Legends -

The Aulie Agash tree has a girth of 6.5 meters, the height of the tree is more than 20 meters. According to legend, once upon a time, the merchant Beibosyn, who led caravans along the Silk Road, stopped for the night in this place, and when he went to sleep he left his staff stuck in the ground, and when he woke up in the place where the staff was, a small sprout appeared, which then grew into a huge tree – which was called Ulken Agash that translated from the Kazakh language, it means a Large Tree. Many who have traveled to the tree say that the tree can hear and fulfill people's wishes. Therefore, being in such a sacred place, be sure to make a wish and it will definitely come true.

How to get there -

The tree is located in Panfilov district, Zhetysu region. The distance from Almaty to the tree is 310 kilometers in an easterly direction. The main landmark here is the village of Ulken Agash and the village of Koktal. From the village of Koktal to the Ulken Agash tree is about 16 kilometers.

Tourist Information -

Around the ancient tree are its fellow trees, but much smaller. An interesting distinctive feature of the place is that all the trees around the main central tree seem to be inclined towards it in a circle in the center, which gives the place even more mystery and mythic. Over time, a grove of the same trees, but smaller, grew in this place, and you can hide from the heat in the grove. There is a water spring next to the tree where you can drink water and replenish your supplies if you travel for a long time.

Aulie Agash is a sacred tree in the Zhetysu region


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