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Ungurtas navel of the earth, place of energy recharging, (Ungurtas village), Zhambyl district, Almaty region, Kazakhstan.

Excursion from Almaty to Ungurtas - the Navel of the Earth.

Energy and mysterious places of Kazakhstan - Ungurtas navel of the earth.

Ungurtas in translation from the Kazakh language means the Cave Stone. The place was popularly called the Navel of the Earth. Nearby is the eponymous village of Ungurtas. In 1999, the place was officially opened by a woman magician, folk healer and local sorceress Bifatima Dauletovna.

Ungurtas The navel of the earth - how to get there.

Ungurtas is located in the Almaty region, Zhambyl district, the Republic of Kazakhstan. The distance from the city of Almaty to the place Ungurtas is 100 kilometers, the road Almaty - Bishkek - Almaty.

Ungurtas mountain of mind is a place of energy recharge.

According to one of the legends, this place Ungurtas is associated with a great man, Sufi Khoja Ahmet Yassavi. When Akhmet was 63 years old, he began to look for a place where he would spend the rest of his life in peace and quiet, Ungurtas found this place. Akhmet settled down in a lonely cave (cell) on a hill. Akhmet's relatives and students settled in the district, who witnessed his stay here and continued to study his lessons and instructions. This place charges a person with positive energy, which has a very beneficial effect on the bioenergetics of the body.

Ungurtas - information for tourists.

Ungurtas is a magical and magical place in the Almaty region. The place is located on a break in the crust from where the ascending energies from the earth come out that are little studied by official science. Aydarkhanat is the name of the local caretaker behind the Ungurtas place, he always comes out and meets guests, and explains how to behave in a given place and what needs to be done. People were cured of various diseases by visiting Ungurtas, this is not documented by official science, but people believe in the power of place and place helps and heals them from diseases.

Ungurtas and official science.

In 2000, Ungurtas was visited by the scientist Bronnikov, a researcher of the bioenergy fields of the earth. Here he conducted a number of studies using different techniques and equipment and concluded that at the top of the hill he had fixed an energy column 8 meters wide, extending from the ground into the sky.

Ungurtas is the Navel of the Earth.