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Sherkala Mysterious Mountain and UFO Observation

Excursion to Mount Sherkala from Aktau city, to Mangistau -

Mysterious and anomalous places of Mangyshlak - Mount Sherkala -

Sherkala is a mount in Mangyshlak area, Sherkala in translation from the Kazakh language means the Lion's Fortress, the word Sher-Lev, Kala-Fortress.The place around the mountain and the mountain itself has concentrated many legends and stories. Once upon a time, when the Great Silk Road passed through these places on Mount Sherkala, a fortress was built, the garrison of this fortress was engaged in the protection of the path and the surrounding area.

Mmyths and legends -

Mount Sherkala fulfills the wishes of travelers, if you make a wish and go around the mountain clockwise around the mountain, your wish will certainly come true. It is great to spend nights on Sherkala Mountain, the nights here are filled with stars and a light breeze. Travelers and explorers often see UFOs here, unknown lights in the sky. Everything about Mangyshlak is shrouded in mystery and many legends. Rumor has it that not so long ago there was an ocean here, when a planetary catastrophe happened, the water left these places, exposing the local landscape. Once, Mount Sherkala was an island in this ocean off the coastal zone.

How to get there, vist -

The Sherkala ridge is a winding ridge east of the middle part of the Zhem River in the area of Shetpe village, Mangistau region, Mangistau region. The distance from Aktau to Sherkala Mountain is 175 kilometers, the main landmark here is the village of Shetpe, from the village of Shetpe to Mount Shekrakala, 21 kilometers. The length from the south-west to the north-east is 95-100 km, the width is 15-20 km. The absolute height is 332 m (Mount Astausaldy).

Information -

It will take you 3 hours to get around Mount Sherkala. Climbing to the top is possible with special equipment and equipment. Mount Sherkala consists of Paleogene limestones and clayey rocks. As you approach Mount Sherkala, you will see columns of separate walls, columns of white mountains, similar to destroyed statues. The Sherkala ridge in translation from Arabic means "tiger city". Once upon a time on this ridge on the road from the Bozashi peninsula to Khorezm and Khiva there was a military fortress. The road was built at the foot of the north-eastern slope of the pyramidal mountain. After that, the tunnel, which was dug in Sherkal, rises into two sections and rises to the top of the ridge. The length of the fortress is 300 m. There is a place for archers with a capacity of two or three people.

Mount Sherkala in Mangystau region, Mangyshlak, Kazakhstan


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