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Shaitankol (Dead Lake)

Journey to Lake Shaitankol from Karkaralinsk -

Legends and myths of Lake Shaitankol -

Shaitankol-mountain lake, surrounded by myths and legends, is located in the picturesque area of the Karkaraly natural park. One of the legends says that at the bottom of the lake lies a large silver cross, which is visible at certain times of the year and under special lighting. The exact date of this phenomenon is not known, but it is known for sure that this happens in the summer. Locals say that once upon a time there was a large silver cross, which was established by an ancient civilization that lived in this area in ancient times. Once, when civilization disappeared, people threw this cross into Lake Shaitankol, or it fell into the lake itself, no one knows for sure. On the shore of the lake was cosmonaut Toktar Aubakirov, who, as he claims, saw this cross. Rumor has it that after visiting Lake Shaitankol, people discover their hidden abilities that they were not aware of.

Another legend says that in the place of the lake in ancient times there grew a huge tree whose height was more than two kilometers, according to the myths of the legends, it was in Kazakhstan and on its territory that the Garden of Eden was located in which huge relic trees grew that were destroyed during the great cosmic catastrophe or wars of ancient civilizations. The events of this war were mentioned in the ancient Indian sacred text Mahabharata.

How to get there, visit

The lake is located in the Karkaraly nature park on the territory of Kazakhstan, Buglovskiye mountains, the height on which the lake is located is 1200 meters above sea level. From the city of Karkaralinsk to the lake, the distance is 5 kilometers to the west.
GPS coordinates: 49°23′48″N 75°23′37″E

Healing properties

On Lake Shaitankol, according to local residents and travelers, if you have skin problems, after swimming in the lake, the skin is healed and skin diseases disappear.

Tourist information

The lake is very picturesque and beautiful. The lake is not large, 60 meters long, 40 meters wide, 2 meters deep. The lake does not dry up. The lake is surrounded by a forest that consists of pine, spruce, birch and poplar. The place is very picturesque, you will not meet large groups of tourists here, so here you can fully enjoy loneliness and be away from civilization. Shaitankol is very popular and quite a lot of people visit the place. We recommend visiting this lake on weekdays when there are no tourists here.

Shaitankol, hell lake


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