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Bektau Ata, mysterious and mystical, Karaganda region, Kazakhstan.

Travel from Almaty city to Bektau Ata.

Sacred places of the Karaganda region - Bektau Ata.

Bektau-Ata, translated from the Kazakh language, means “the mountain of the holy father Bek”. According to one of the legends, a holy man and a mystic lived in this place in ancient times. When the Kazakh clan fought with the Dzungars, the Dzhugars surrounded the place where Bektau-Ata was hiding and held it under siege, there was no water in the cave and Bektau-Ata began to pray, the Almighty heard his prayers and a spring appeared in the cave in its very depths, the water of which is considered sacred and has a beneficial effect on people.

Legends of Bektau-Ata.

Bektau-Ata was a magician and a very strong person. When the enemy attacked the village where Bektau-Ata lived, he saved all the people from the village. When people from the village ran away from enemies, a full-flowing raging river appeared in front of them, Bektau-Ata stopped the flow of water and people moved to the other side. The area beyond the river became a new home for the villagers, and Bektau-Ata went to live in a cave that is located very close by. After that, people went to the cave to Bektau-Ata and listened to his instructions and lessons. Also Bektau-Ata had the gift to heal people with the touch of his palm, people knew this and often came to Bektau-Ata to improve their health and cure diseases.

Bektau Ata and the giants.

Another legend says that in ancient times giants with a height of more than 20 meters lived in the Bektau-Ata area, they laid down the local mountains and lived here, they also drilled a well and discovered an underground source of water of incredible purity, which to this day pleases travelers. Also here are preserved footprints of these giants, the size of such footprints is more than two meters, they hardly resemble a human foot, but people say that they are very ancient and their shape has worn off over time.

Bektau-Ata cave and mountain tract - how to get there.

Bektau-Ata is located in the Aktogay district of the Karaganda region, 60 km north of the city of Balkhash, on a small hilly plain. The maximum height of this area is 1213 m above sea level, which is quite high for the region. There is also the Kubyltayozek valley and the Sarykulzha mountain, the height of which is 1082 meters above sea level.

Bektau-Ata information for the traveler.

The area of Bektau-Ata is very beautiful and unusual, scientists say that this is an ancient volcano that never erupted, mystics claim that this place is a place of power where energies that have not yet been studied by man come out of the earth to the surface, but have a beneficial effect on it. Here you will find unusual rocks of bizarre shape, small beautiful lakes on top of these rocks and very rare plant species listed in the Red Book. One of the very rare plants that grows here is Astragalus Kessler or Chinese ginseng, which has a number of medicinal qualities.

Bektau-Ata, a sacred natural place.


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