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Akyrtas is a mystical and ancient palace

Travel to Akyrtas from Taraz city

Sacred and mystical places of the Zhambyl region

Translated from the Kazakh language, Akyrtas means "The Last Stone". Akyrtas is an ancient palace complex, VIII-IX centuries. Presumably Akyrtas was built on the site of an older antediluvian structure from which ruins remained, and the stones of which were later used for the construction of the palace. The exact date of the construction of this structure does not exist, just as the opinions of scientists differ regarding the ownership of the structure, the date of construction and many other factors.


Many people visited the site of Akyrtas, and many people said that unusual things happened to them in Akyrtas. Some people here feel heat, as if the temperature rises sharply in the body, this fact is established, but not confirmed by the scientific community. Here fatigue disappears in people, strength and energy appear. Other people said that they felt anxiety and fatigue in this place.

They say that Akyrtas was built on an ancient place of power. People with different intentions feel differently here, if a person is kind, not greedy, such a person here feels comfortable and cozy, if a person does not have good intentions, he is angry and greedy then he becomes uncomfortable here and such a person would rather want to leave Akyrtas.

According to scientists, the city of Akyrtas was built on the site of a tectonic fault, there are huge voids underground, therefore, complex energy processes occurring in the earth's crust, which somehow affect the physical condition of people.

General information

The weight of the largest individual stone blocks of which Akyrtas is built is 10 tons. The height of the foundation platform is 4 meters. According to some scientists, the main wall goes deep underground, when excavations were carried out on the site, this fact was established.
Other researchers claim that this structure was used over several eras by different civilizations. Akyrtas does not have an exact dating at the moment, this structure is given an age of at least one thousand years.

Many stones from Akyrtas in 1938-39 were used for the construction of the railway, as well as stones were used by our contemporaries for the foundation for buildings that were already built in our century. Therefore, nothing is known about the size of the building and its true purpose, just as the original appearance of the entire ancient complex disappeared.

Also, if you conduct your research here, then you will definitely notice that the stone blocks are processed in different ways, there are separate blocks with rough manual processing, broken and lost their former appearance and shape. But also there are stone blocks with perfect machining, large in size, of which there are very few but they are. This suggests that in ancient times people had technologies about which there is not a single mention in modern history and science.

How to get there

Akyrtas is located 45 kilometers from the city of Taraz in the Zhambyl region, Turar-Ryskulovsky district, the Republic of Kazakhstan. 6 km south of the Akchulak railway station.

Information for tourists

To get to Akyrtas, we will need to get to the city of Taraz, spend the night here and go to Akyrtas the next day. We will get from the city of Taraz to Akyrtas in just one hour (45 kilometers). Here we will spend time before lunch exploring Akyrtas and its surroundings.



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