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Kyzylkum is a mysterious and mystical desert on the territory of Kazakhstan.

Deserts of Kazakhstan - Kyzylkum.

Travel to the Kyzylkum desert, tours to the deserts of Kazakhstan.

Kyzylkum in translation from the Kazakh language means "red sand". The desert is located in three countries at once: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. According to scientists, the Kyzyl Kum desert was formed 11 million years ago on the site of the ancient Tethys ocean, the waters of which once filled this region.

Images of people in spacesuits - Kyzyl Kum desert.

In the central part of the desert, rock carvings were found, which depict people, presumably in spacesuits, and also incomprehensible images that resemble flying vehicles.

Kyzylkum and the UFO phenomenon.

For the entire time of the study of the desert, ufologists often observe UFOs here, the first fact of sighting was documented in 1990. There are also many stories from oil workers and shift workers, which talk about the observation of various kinds of bright objects.

Stone pipes of the Kyzylkum desert.

On the territory of the desert, in one place, strange stone formations were discovered, similar to a small stone forest. The nature of this phenomenon has been little studied, scientists say that it happened in the process of geological and tectonic processes. Alternative researchers argue that on the ground, when there was a stone forest, trees of a very large size, more than one kilometer, which began to turn to stone from below. Proof of this is the finds of fossilized trees throughout the known territory of the planet. Also, the Devil's Tower in the USA is also a confirmation of the fact that it was a petrified tree stump from which it stands to this day. This theory is deliberately hushed up in the scientific community, as it destroys all the facts and research of official scientists.

Kyzylkum desert - how to get there.

The desert is located immediately on the territory of three states at once, such as Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. The desert is part of the interfluve of such rivers as the Amu Darya and the Syr Darya. The desert borders the Aral Sea on the territory of Kazakhstan.

Kyzylkum desert.


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