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Mysteries of the Petropavlovsk meteorite, North Kazakhstan region, Kazakhstan.

Meteorite craters of Kazakhstan - Petropavlovsk meteorite crater.

Traveling on meteorite craters in Kazakhstan.

A hundred years ago, a case of observation of a meteorite in the area of the city of Petropavlovsk was documented. The crater from the fall of the meteorite is presumably located on the banks of the Ishim River to the west of the city of Petropavlovsk, but has not yet been discovered, like the meteorite itself.

The guest from space is the Peter and Paul meteorite.

In 1920, a brightest object was seen in the sky over Petropavlovsk, presumably a meteorite, which lit up the evening that had come. The passage of the meteorite was accompanied by a strong roar and noise. This phenomenon was documented, thoroughly described, and testimonies were collected from local residents and people who observed this phenomenon, but at a more distant distance. The flight lasted approximately 10 seconds, which is quite long for a meteorite.

The search for the meteorite and the place of its fall did not lead to anything. The place was never found, as was the meteorite itself. On the same evening, a mobile group of military and researchers advanced to the search area. The military thought that the enemy attacked, since the explosions were heard, the military assumed that the bridge over the Ishim River was blown up, but when they arrived at the place the bridge was safe and sound.

Petropavlovsk meteorite - search.

Searches for the meteorite resumed in 2000, but led nowhere. In the 90s, an earthen crater was found in a forest near Petropavlovsk, which was associated with a meteorite and a possible place of its fall.

Petropavlovsk meteorite crater - how to get there.

The crater is located on the territory of the North Kazakhstan region, near the city of Petropavlovsk. The exact location has never been established, so the search is still ongoing. Our team is also interested in finding the crater, so we will gladly go with you to research this phenomenon.

Petropavlovsk meteorite.

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