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Borovoe myths and legends, Burabay natural park, Kazakhstan.

Travel from Almaty to Borovoe.

Excursions to Borovoe, a natural park of Kazakhstan.

The legend about the creation of the Burabay (Borovoe) park says that the natural park was created by the will of Allah. When Allah created the world, he flew over the earth and scattered mountains, lakes, forests. When Allah arrived in the Kazakh steppes, he saw a plain to the horizon, then he decided to make small mountains and lakes and beautiful forests here. So, according to legend, Burabay (Borovoe) appeared.

Burabay - legends of the natural park.

One of the legends says that a magical camel whose name was Bura lived here, the camel was white as snow and very beautiful. Bura guarded the place Burabay, he always warned local residents about the approach of the enemy with a long drawn-out cry. Therefore, people in this region have always lived in peace and tranquility. Once robbers came to Burabay, they heard that a magic white camel lives here and they wanted to catch it for a trophy. The robbers set a trap and began to wait for the camel to come to the watering hole, when the camel came down from the mountain to drink water, the robber shot him with an arrow from a bow. The arrow went right through and at that moment the camel turned into a huge rock and covered the robbers.

Mount Okzhetpes is a legend about freedom.

Mountain Okzhetpes translated into Russian means “the arrow will not reach”. One of the legends says that in ancient times a formidable khan lived in these places, who waged wars with neighbors. After another military campaign, the khan brought with him many trophies, one of the trophies was a living Kalmyk girl. Khanu allowed the girl to choose her own husband so as not to force her to do it. The girl climbed the Okzhetpes mountain and hung her handkerchief there, she told the khan that if a warrior would hit a handkerchief from a bow with an arrow, she would marry him. Not one of the warriors was able to hit the handkerchief with an arrow and did not cope with the task. Khan got angry and told the girl to come down from the cliff, but the young maiden jumped off the cliff into the lake Auliekol. At the place where the girl fell, the Zhumbaktas rock grew up, which personifies the freedom of choice.

Borovoe birch grove is a legend.

In Borovoye there is a birch grove made of intertwined trees. This is where the name Dancing Birches came from, the trees intricately intertwined with each other, and it seems that they froze in an endless dance. Legend has it that once upon a time a holiday was held in this place, girls from a neighboring village danced their dances here, and the khan who wanted to attend this event incognito changed into an ordinary person and came to the holiday. He watched the girls dance for a long time until one of them recognized him. When the girls recognized the khan, they were frightened and froze and their bodies turned into birch trees.

The Abylai-Khan glade in Borovoe is a place of energy recharging.

The Abylai-Khan glade is a place of strength and energy accumulation and recharging. The place is famous for its beauty and energetic power. After staying in the meadow, people told that they felt a good mood here, a rise in energy and a general increase in tone. According to legend, Abylai Khan was the most powerful and formidable ruler. The patron saint of Abylai Khan was a magical yellow camel.

Taskamal is a stone fortress in Burabay.

Taskamal is located in the natural park Borovoe between the villages of Shchuchinsk and Borovoe. The rock evokes various associations of its appearance or construction. Some of the researchers claim that the rock is of natural origin, alternative scientists claim that this complex was built by an unknown highly developed civilization. One gets the impression that the rock is really made of huge multi-ton blocks.

Zhumbaktas rock in Borovoye.

Jumbaktas rock is a local landmark. From different angles, the rock looks different, on the one hand it resembles a pyramid, on the other hand it resembles a kind of arrow pointing to the sky, on the other hand the rock resembles a Kazakh yurt, and the rock also resembles a girl with hair developing in the wind. According to one of the legends, the khan had several sons and one daughter, the khan wanted to marry his daughter to another rich khan, but the girl fell in love with an ordinary guy and they fled together. The angry khan sent his sons to return their daughter, the sons caught the lovers and when they sailed across the lake they killed her lover. The girl in grief asked Allah to turn her to stone at the place where her beloved died, Allah heard the request and fulfilled the girl's wish. Since then, the Zhumbaktas rock has been rising on this place.

Borovoe - Burabay.