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Beloubinsk Lakes in the Western Altai Nature Reserve.

Mountain hiking in the Kazakh Altai.

Horseride to the Beloubinsky lakes.

Beloubinsky lakes, this is the name of a group of mountain lakes that are part of the West Altai nature reserve. The lakes are located at an altitude of 200 meters above sea level in a picturesque mountain valley and are part of the Ivanovsky ridge. There are six lakes in total, the largest are Cedar Lake, Dinara Lake, Kizbala Lake, Shcherbakovo Lake, Listvyaga Lake.
The Belaya Uba River originates from these lakes.

Beloubinsky lakes - how to get there.

The group of Beloubinsky lakes are located on the territory of the West Altai nature reserve, in the Kazakh Altai, East Kazakhstan region, Ridder district. From the tract "Lineyskie pillars" to the Beloubinsky lakes, the distance is 6 kilometers in the mountains.

Beloubinsky lakes - information for tourists.

To see the Beloubinsky lakes, we will need to make a horse crossing along the entire route. To travel along this route, we have all the necessary equipment, including horses for transporting goods and people. We also have local horse breeders here who fully know the area and the entire route. The route is not particularly difficult and runs within the altitude range from 1000 meters to 2500 meters above sea level.

Group of Beloubinsky lakes.


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