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Linear Pillars or Stone Fairy Tale in the West Altai Nature Reserve, Kazakhstan Altai.

Geo-architectural complex "Lineyskie pillars"

Journey to the Stone Fairy Tale.

Lineyskie pillars are the main attraction of the West Altai nature reserve. Stone Fairy Tale is a granite pile of stones on an area equal to 8 square kilometers. Some granite outliers reach a height of 30 meters.

Lineyskiy pillars (stone tale) - how to get there.

This natural geological complex is located on the territory of the West Altai Nature Reserve, Kazakhstan Altai, Akmola region, Ridder and Zyryanovsky districts.

Stone Fairy Tale (Linear Pillars) - information for tourists.

This complex attracts people from all over the world, here you can feel something unusual and maybe even see. The region is full of ancient legends, the locals say that the compass and all other navigational equipment, such as a GPS navigator, stop working in Kamennaya Skaz. Fogs are also very frequent here, so it is very easy to get lost and get lost in the fog, so in this region you need to move only at a time when there is no fog.

The entire granite massif resembles an ancient petrified dragon, someone sees petrified giants here, and indeed every stone here looks like something, either a bird, a fabulous beast, or an unknown beast.

A mountain route leads to this place, which we overcame on horses, we used horses to transport cargo and people. To visit these places, we need at least 5 days for the entire trip. The highest point of this region is Mount Skazka, which is 2169 meters above sea level. The entire journey takes place within an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level and up to 2169 meters.

Linear Pillars - Stone Tale.


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