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Gulbische is a high-mountainous swamp, a unique natural formation.

Sights of the West Altai Nature Reserve.

Gulbische is the name of a swamp located in the mountains of the Kazakhstan Altai at an altitude of 1870 meters above sea level. The swamp is a high-mountainous natural formation 2 by 2 kilometers, which is of great interest to all kinds of researchers and travelers.

Gulbische swamp - how to get there.

This place is located on the territory of the West Altai Nature Reserve, Kazakhstan Altai. The height of the location is 1870 meters. The swamp is located along the Barsuk River and is a unique natural mountain formation in the region. The swamp is also connected with the Black Uba River.

Gulbische is a high-mountainous swamp - information for tourists.

The swamp is located on a flat surface and is very visible. A beautiful view of the surrounding area opens from the swamp. Rare plants listed in the Red Book, such as maral root and golden root, grow here. Collecting plants on the territory of the reserve is prohibited. Also, a lot of birds live in the swamp that live in this region and are of interest to ornithologists. The place is well visible, so it is very convenient to watch birds here. Here you can also see deer and roe deer, in this place they have an acquaintance between the female and the male for the conception of offspring.



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