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Tursugun river, East Kazakhstan region

Travel to the Tursugun river, West Altai nature reserve

The confluence of the Bolshoi (big) and Maly (small) Tursugun rivers

The Tursugun River originates in the mountains on the Ivanovsky ridge, in the mountains of the West Altai Reserve, then the river flows into the Bukhtarma River. The village of Parygino is located next to the Tursugun river, or rather 5 kilometers from the confluence of the Bukhtarma and Tursugun rivers.

Tursugun river - how to get there

The river is located on the territory of Kazakhstan, in the East Kazakhstan region, Zyryanovsky district.
The village of Tursugun and Parygino are the main landmarks here. The Bukhtarma River is the right tributary of the Irtysh River.

The nature of Tursugun

The nature of the Tursugun River is very abundant and rich in different species of both the fauna and flora. Coniferous forest mixed with deciduous forests, low hills, turning into low mountains with elevation differences from 1000 to 2500 meters. Traveling through the region, you will get pristine pleasure, filled with nature and an abundance of colors, the nature here is stunning.

Tursugun hydroelectric power station - history

The Tursugun hydroelectric power station (hydroelectric power plant) was built on the Tursugun River. The hydroelectric power station was built in 1902 by French engineers. In 1932, the station was rebuilt by Soviet specialists. In 1957, the Bukhtarma hydroelectric power station was built on the Bukhtarma river and the operation of the hydroelectric power station on the Tursugun river was suspended.

Tursugun river


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