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Talgar gorge and its sights, Almaty reserve.

Mountain hike in the Maralsay gorge.

Excursion to the Soldier's Gorge.

If you drive from Talgar city towards the mountains, then here you will find many places that you can visit. There are many small gorges in each of which you can hike, sit by the fire and have a great time. The most interesting places are Right, Left and Middle Talgar, there are also other gorges such as the Soldier's Gorge, Osinovoye Gorge, Stone Gorge, Maralsay Gorge, Monakhovo Gorge.

Talgar mountain gorge - how to get there.

The gorge is located near the city of Talgar in the Almaty region. The distance from the city of Almaty to the Talgar Gorge is approximately 28 kilometers, the travel time is 30 minutes.

Talgar gorge GPS coordinates N43.250123, E77.220298

Talgar gorge - information for tourists.

The gorge is very picturesque, we recommend traveling here in the summer, in the spring it can rain here, and there is also a danger of avalanches and water mudflows. The most beautiful coniferous forest grows everywhere in the gorge, wild apple and poplar grow in the lower reaches of the gorge. The nature of the Talgar Gorge is very rich, as well as many wild animals, both predators and ungulates, live here. Here you can meet mountain leopard, wolf, lynx, weasel, marten, ermine. Among ungulates, mountain goat, roe deer, deer, wild boar live here. A lot of birds live in the gorge. Traveling to this region is very easy as the gorge is located near the city of Almaty.

Talgar gorge.


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