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Monk's gorge in the Talgar river valley.

Mountain hiking in the Almaty nature reserve.

Monakhovo gorge, this is the name of a picturesque mountain gorge, in which you can arrange a hike. The place is also called the Monk Trail, there are several mountain routes along which you can make your travels and get to know the Talgar valley.

Monk's Gorge - how to get there.

The gorge is located on the territory of the Almaty Nature Reserve, in the upper reaches of the Right Talgar River in the Almaty region on the territory of Kazakhstan. The main landmark here is the city of Talgar, from where our journey begins. From the city of Almaty to the city of Talgar, the distance is 20 kilometers and further up the gorge.

Monk's Gorge - information for tourists.

To travel to Monakhovo Gorge, you will need a car with a driver, a guide and a guide rolled into one. You can also travel here on your own, but only if you know the area. We recommend using the services of a guide and guide to travel through the mountains of the Almaty Reserve. When traveling in the mountains, take precautions, do not leave the trail, always stick together and do not separate, avoid taluses, cliffs, keep to the hills, in case of an emergency, notify local services.

Monk's Gorge.