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Aktyuz mountain pass in the upper reaches of the Talgar gorge.

Mountain trek through the Talgar pass to the Korzhenevsky glacier.

Aktyuz is the name of a mountain pass of the 3rd category of difficulty in the mountains of the Trans-Ili Alatau located at an altitude of 4400 meters above sea level. This direction is visited by tourists and climbers from Kazakhstan and Europe. There are routes of different categories of difficulty for traveling around the region, there are both easy walking and travel of 3 categories of difficulty.

How to get through the Aktyuz pass to the Korzhenevsky glacier.

The Aktyuz pass is located between Aktau peaks 4546 meters and Talgar peak 4978 meters, the upper reaches of the Middle Talgar gorge. The Aktyuz pass lies in the northernmost mountain spur of the Talgar massif.

Aktyuz Pass and Korzhenevsky Glacier - information for tourists.

Our company will be able to organize for you a mountain trip to the Aktyuz pass and further to the Korzhenevsky glacier, the journey may take two or three days, depending on the preparation of the people. We provide guides, porters (sherpas), guides and a full set of necessary equipment. The route is of 3 categories of difficulty. You can also get here very quickly by using a helicopter that we can rent at the local airport.

Aktyuz pass and Korzhenevsky glacier.


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