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Big Talgar pass in Small Almaty gorge.

Photo tour to Talgar pass from Almaty city.

Excursion by funicular from Medeo to Talgar pass.

Talgar pass is a landmark of the city of Almaty and Almaty region. It is quite easy to get to the pass; a cable car (funicular) leads to the pass. The height of the pass is 3163 meters above sea level. Before traveling to the pass, you must undergo acclimatization for at least three days on the territory of the city of Almaty if you come from Russia or Europe.

Talgar pass - how to get there.

The pass is located in the upper reaches of the Small Almaty Gorge at an altitude of 3163 meters, a little lower is the high-mountain complex Chimbulak, and even lower is the high-mountain skating rink Medeo, which operates in the daytime and in the evening in winter. Buses run here, the stop is opposite the Kazakhstan Hotel along Nur-Sultan Street. The bus goes to Medeo and then you need to buy a ticket for the funicular to climb Chimbulak and then to the Talgar pass.

Talgar pass - information for tourists.

Several high-mountain routes pass through the pass from the Malaya Almatinka gorge to the Left Talgar river gorge and further to Solnechnaya Polyana and Pushkin peak. The route is called Almaty Around the World. The route is not difficult, but for this you still need at least a little experience to travel through the mountains. This direction is very popular, it is very easy and simple to get here.

Talgar pass.