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Right Talgar river.

Mountain hike along the Right Talgar River.

Walk to Solnechnaya Polyana (Sun glade) in the Left Talgar gorge.

The Right Talgar River is the right tributary of the main Talgar River, there is also the Left Talgar River, but this article will be about it. The river originates in the upper reaches of the Zailiyskiy Alatau. The river is very picturesque, along the river there is a route along which you can climb to the upper reaches of the river and see the high-mountainous Mattalurg glacier and the Kolokolnikov glacier.

Right Talgar river - how to get there.

You can walk to the river from the Talgar pass, height 3163 meters, which is located above the Medeo high-mountain skating rink and above the Chimbulak tour base. A funicular road leads to the pass; further than the pass, it is possible to move only on foot.

Right Talgar river - information for tourists.

The water from the river can be drunk, the water is very clean, without any impurities. The river originates on the Talgar glacier, then flows into the main Talgar river and further into the Kapchagai reservoir. In the upper reaches of the river it goes along a very narrow canyon and then overflows on the plain. The right Talgar river is fed by groundwater and glacier melting, as well as precipitation.

Right Talgar river.


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