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Issyk river.

Mountain hike along the Issyk gorge.

Tours in the mountains of Kazakhstan.

The Kokbulak river flows into the Issyk river and also several small tributaries flow into the river in the upper and middle reaches. The river crosses Lake Issyk in its middle course at an altitude of 1759 m. The length of the river is 96 km, of which about 22 km the river passes through the Issyk gorge. The width and depth of the river varies from site to site

Issyk river - how to get there.

The Issyk river in the Ili basin flows through the territory of the Enbekshikazakh and Talgar districts of the Almaty region. It originates in the lower foothills of the Korzhenevsky (3950 m) and Grigoriev (3850 m) glaciers in the Zailiysky Alatau and flows into the Kapchagai reservoir.

Issyk river - information for tourists.

According to geologists, the Issyk River appeared on the earth eight thousand years ago. Due to the tectonic shift of rocks, a catastrophic landslide occurs, as a result of which a natural dam up to 300 meters high is formed in the middle of the gorge. After that, glaciers, snow and rainwater collected from the top of the mountain turned into a beautiful lake in the mountains.

Issyk river - history.

Since 1939, the territory of the Issyk River has been rapidly improving. In 1958, the Council of Ministers of the Kazakh SSR adopted a special resolution "On ensuring cultural recreation of workers on Lake Issyk", where a road was built, a tourist base and a bus station were located. Special public transport runs from Almaty to the Issyk River. Buses departed from the central market every half hour. Thus, this place has become a favorite resting place for townspeople who do not go out into nature. The river became so popular that during the Soviet era, its photographs were used for postcards.

A two-storey hotel and a restaurant for 100 people have been built on the shore of the lake. Various service organizations were opened. There were even dance floors for vacationers. However, the water in the lake, fed by mountain glaciers, was cold, but this did not prevent vacationers from coming here. They basked in the sun on the sandy shores of the southern shore of the lake and rode boats, canoes and river trams on the lake's surface.

Even a trip to Lake Issyk-Kul was included in the program of distinguished guests from abroad in southern asanas. This is because Lake Issyk is considered one of the most beautiful places in Kazakhstan. Historical records show that Vietnamese leader Ho Chi Minh, who arrived in Almaty in 1959, visited here. Governors of several states of the United States also came here to rest. The Issyk River was also one of the favorite vacation spots of Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev.

Issyk river.


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