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Sights of the Aksai gorge.

Tours and excursions around the city of Almaty.

Aksai gorge, Aksai river, Aksai valley, Aksai monastery, Aksai glacier.

Welcome to the mountain valley Aksai, there are several natural attractions that attract tourists. The Aksai gorge is located here, along which the most beautiful mountain river Aksai flows, in the upper reaches of the gorge there is a mountain glacier which is also called Aksai.

Aksay mountain valley - how to get there.

The Aksai tract is located within the city of Almaty in the Aksai gorge, you can get here along the upper Talgar highway, Almaty region.

Aksai tract - information for tourists.

There is also a monastery in the Aksai gorge, which is located high in the mountains, the monastery is popular among tourists as it is located in the mountains, in a dense forest, and to get there you need to walk at least one hour through the mountains. If you are a believer, then this journey can be considered as a pilgrimage.

Mountain tract Aksai near Almaty.


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