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Mountain Panorama in the Kimasar gorge.

Mountain hike to the Panoramic Peak.

Mountain Panorama is a natural landmark of the Small Almaty Gorge and the Kimasar mountain tract. The route in both directions will be about 14 kilometers, on the way to Panorama we will visit the famous mountain swing and Furmanov peak. The height at which these points are located is 3000 meters.

Panorama mount - how to get there.

The mountain is located in the Kimasar gorge above the Medeo tract in the Small Almaty mountain gorge. The height of the Panorama is 3260 meters above sea level.

Mountain panorama - information for the tourist.

A mountain trail leads from Medeo to Panorama, the trail crosses such places as the "flag", "swing", "Bori's house". The ascent and descent to the Panorama will take you a whole day, so when traveling around the region, plan your mountain hike. Be sure to use the services of mountain guides.

Mountain peak panorama.


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