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Aktau mountain peak

Mountain sights of the Almaty mountains

Climbing Aktau peak

Aktau Peak, the famous low mountain peak of the alpine type, located in the mountains near the city of Almaty. The Kroshka glacier and the Korzhenevsky glacier are also located here. In 1938, the first ascent was made to the Aktau peak under the leadership of E. Plotnikov.
The Talgar peak and the Severe pass are located nearby.

Aktau peak - how to get there

The peak is located in the Small Almaty mountain gorge above the Medeo tract, in the mountain couloir at an altitude of 4690 meters above sea level.

Aktau peak - information for tourists

There is a mountain route for climbing Aktau peak, the entire mountain range which Aktau peak includes consists of many passes and other peaks, everything here is located next to each other, therefore, traveling to the peak, we will still see many other places that are located nearby. When making a mountain hike or climbing a mountain, be sure to use the services of mountain guides and guides.

Aktau peak

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