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Zhasybay lake

Relax on the Zhasybay lake in Bayanaul

Tours and excursions in Bayanaul park

Zhasybay is a closed lake in the Bayanaul district of Pavlodar region (8 km from the village of Zhasybay). The basins of lakes Zhasybay, Sabyndykol and Toraigyr were one of the historical places where Kazakh troops, led by batyr Zhasybay, fought off the enemy during the Dzungarian invasion. The lake is named after Zhasybai batyr. The hero has a place where he is buried, on the shores of Lake Zhasybai.

Zhasybay lake - how to get there

The lake is located in the Bayanaul district of the Pavlodar region, 15 km from the village of Bayanaul at an altitude of 397 m above sea level.

Zhasybay lake - information for tourists

On the coast of the lake there are rest houses, a tourist center Bayantau, summer camps. Lake water heals skin diseases. There are carp, perch, pike and others in the water. There are fish. There are about 50 species of birds (geese, ducks, cranes, swans, etc.). The lake was formed under the influence of tectonic movements. The coast is high and rocky, the north-western part is flat. The bottom is smooth and muddy. Fresh water, 0.5-3 m clear, bluish-gray. Area 4 km2, length 3.5 km, width 2.4 km, deepest point 14.7 m.

Zhasybay lake