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Sabandykol lake

Journey to Lake Sabandykol

Excursions to Bayanaul

Sabandykol, translated from the Kazakh language, means Soap Lake, is the largest lake in the region in which it is located. The village of Bayanaul is located on the shore of the lake. The water in the lake is very soft, as if soapy to the touch, that's why the lake was called soapy.
The legend of the lake says that the beautiful Bayan washed her hair in the lake and dropped her soap into it, so the water became soapy and soft.

Sabandykol - how to get

The lake is located in the Bayanaul natural park near the village, which is also called Bayanaul, Pavlodar region, Bayanaul district, Kazakhstan. The lake is located between the Niyaz and Akbet mountains.

GPS coordinates of Lake Sabandykol - 50 ° 49′0 ″ N 75 ° 40′0 ″ E

Sabandykol - information for tourists

The water in the lake is very soft, the water begins to foam even from a small splash. The water in the lake is considered medicinal and consists of sodium bicarbonate. A beautiful pine forest grows around the lake, there is a tourist infrastructure on the lake, you can rent a boat. The lake is located on the territory of a protected reserve, therefore it is forbidden to litter and make fires here.

Sabandykol lake, Bayanaul


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