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Bayanaul Mountains

Bayanaul Mountain Tour

Trip to the Bayanaul Nature Reserve

Bayanaul Mountains, 50 kilometers long, at 25 kilometers, Mount Kyzyltau is the highest point of 1055 meters above sea level. There are such natural rock formations and attractions (stone sculptures) like Baba Yaga, a Pigeon, a Bun, a Horse's head, Stone feather beds. Lake Zhasybai and Sabyndykol are also located here, you will also see the Aulie Tas cave, the Dravert grotto with rock paintings and the Pitcher waterfall.

Bayanaul mountains – how to get there.

The mountains are located in the Pavlodar region on the territory of the national reserve and the Bayanaul Natural Park.

Bayanaul mountains-information for tourists.

The highest point of the Bayanaul mountains, Mount Zhasybai, Mount Akbet, Mount Ogolen, their heights do not exceed 1200 meters. The most beautiful coniferous forest grows in the Bayanaul mountains, the area is rich in nature, there are many lakes and streams. The Bayanaul mountains are composed of crystalline granites, syenites, porphyrites, and shales. The modern relief was formed in the Mesozoic as a result of the destruction of mountains under the influence of exogenous forces.

Bayanaul Mountains


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