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Naizatas Rock Mountain (Bulka)

Natural attractions of Bayanaul Park

Walk to the Naizatas Rock

Naizatas is a natural rock formation, possibly not a natural formation, with a height of 570 meters. Naizatas in translation from the Kazakh language means "Stone Spear", the mountain also has an unofficial name "Bun", which was received from local residents for the fact that the mountain looks like a loaf of bread.

Naizatas mountain, Bulka - how to get there.

The rock is located on the territory of the Bayanaul Protected Nature Reserve, in the Pavlodar region. The distance from the village and the tour base of Jasybai to the Naizatas rock is 7 kilometers.

Naizatas mountain - information for tourists.

The rock is part of the Bayanaul mountains and is located in their northern part, the mountain resembles a huge ancient mammoth, as the mountain itself is very unusual and stands out with its view over the terrain and gives it an unusual shape. The rock consists of granite, pine, birch and aspen forests grow on the slopes of the mountain. Zhasybay Lake is located 8 kilometers to the south of the rock, and Toraigyr Lake is located 8 kilometers to the east.

Naizatas rock mountain


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