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Kempirtas Rock Mount

Travel in the Bayanaul National Park

The main attractions of Bayanaul Park

Kempirtas or stone Baba Yaga, this is the name of the main attraction of the Bayanaul Nature Reserve. Kempirtas is an unusual natural formation standing majestically in the middle of the park and attracting many tourists. This is a favorite place, so you can always meet people here, we recommend traveling around the park on weekdays when there is no one here.

Kempirtas Gora-how to get there.

The mountain is located on the territory of the Bayanaul Park and Reserve in the Bayanaul Mountains, Pavlodar region in Kazakhstan.

Kempirtas – information for tourists.

The rock resembles a large head of Baba Yaga with a crooked nose, as Baba Yaga was depicted in Russian folk tales. The whole area is a pile of bizarre rock formations, so it is called "stone magic city".

The Kempirtas rock was created by nature for a long time, the wind, winter cold, summer heat and rain did their job and carved a bizarre natural formation. The skaala at one time looks like the head of an old woman at the same time during the day the rock changes its shape and someone sees the face of a young beautiful girl in it.

Kempirtas rock, mountain