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Traces of an ancient man in Bayanaul

Prehistoric sights of Bayanaul

Secrets of the Bayanaul mountains

It is not known how old our planet is, but it is known for sure that this region and the entire area of Bayanaul Park has been inhabited by people for a long time. In ancient times, as far as is known, people lived here, their traces are visible everywhere. Many sacred places are hidden in the park.

Prehistoric monuments are known to belong to the Bronze Age, here you will see stone fences, dolmens, cromlechs. Various ceramics were found in them, which can be viewed in the park's museum. This region was well explored during the Soviet era, it is also known that some of the sites date back to the Paleolithic era. Burials were found in the park.

Rock paintings in Bayanaul

The park is famous for its collection of cave paintings, here you will see many cave paintings. In the Naizatas valley, you will see these rock paintings depicting the life of ancient people, their nomadic life. There are also drawings in the Olenty tract.

Ancient ore mining in the park

Bayanaul Park is famous for the fact that researchers were able to establish the fact that in ancient times, ore was mined on the territory of the park for the manufacture of primitive tools of the Bronze Age. Mining and traces of smelting furnaces were found here. Near the villages of Andreevka and Zhusaly there are abandoned lead mines of our time. Also in the USSR, there was a copper-smelting shop here.

Rules for staying on the territory of Bayanaul park

All parts of Bayanaul Park can be accessed on foot or by car, which makes travel much more convenient, but at the same time you must follow the rules, do not litter, clean up the garbage, do not spoil natural monuments, do not paint on stones, do not wash cars in the park. , it is necessary to behave decently as befits a reasonable person. If you are caught not for proper behavior on the territory of the park, you can be fined one million local tenge, which is a pretty decent amount. The nature of Bayanual Park must be protected. Therefore, on behalf of the park and our company, we ask you to protect and enhance the nature of Kazakhstan.