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Grotto Draverta, scribble or written stones at the Zhasybay lake

Jeep tour in Bayanaul park

Botanical tourism in Kazakhstan

Scribble or Written Stones, incomprehensible signs, drawings of images of totems and totems. This place is located on the shores of Lake Zhasybai, the place is a grotto or cave with drawings on the walls. There are 15 figures here, 10 of which are images of people, there are images of men.

Grotto Draverta - how to get there.

The site is located in the Bayanaul nature reserve in Pavlodar region, Kazakhstan. The grotto is located on the shores of Lake Zhasybay.

Grotto Draverta, painted stones - information for tourists.

P.L. Dravert first studied the image in the grotto in 1926, while walking he discovered it. It was found that 15 figures were depicted, of which 10 should be attributed to the depiction of people in different poses, and three figures undoubtedly belong to men, since they are equipped with phalluses. The meaning of the image has not been established. Perhaps it was something like a natural safe for the preservation of the image and was also considered a sacred place. When the explorer returned to the cave in 1927, the inscriptions were overwritten by people vacationing here. Only a sketch remains, now the images are completely lost.

Grotto Draverta, painted stones

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