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The history of the island of Barsa-Kelmes

Traveling along the Barsa-Kelmes tract

Drive from Kyzylorda to Barsa-Kelmes

Barsa-Kelmes was once an island in the Aral Sea in ancient times, then it became a peninsula, and then turned into a tract, this happened due to the outflow of water and the drying up of the Aral Sea. Barsa-Kelmes is considered an anomalous and mysterious place, the place is shrouded in legends and myths. The island is 28 kilometers long and 11 kilometers wide. There is one well on the island, built by an unknown person, the well still supplies the local population with the necessary water.

Barsa-Kelmesif you go you won't come back

Barsa-Kelmes in translation from the Kazakh language means "you will not go back", the place is so named for a reason. One of the legends says that once upon a time a tribe of people lived here, the tribe took part in internecine wars and once the tribe decided not to participate in the war, and in winter on the ice of the Aral Sea the whole tribe went to the island, the tribe lived on the island, they drank and ate that what was on the island but when summer came it got hot, the water on the island dried up food ran out and the whole tribe died.


The island was first mapped in 1831 by the scientist A. Levshin. In 1848, for the first time, an expedition was organized to the island of Barsa-Kelmes to study the island and the Aral Sea, the leader of the expedition was Alexei Ivanovich Butakov. The Butakov Bay in the Aral Sea is named after him. Taras Shevchenko, the famous exiled poet, also visited the island of Barsa-Kelmes and described its beauty and uniqueness.



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