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Sights of the Kaskelen gorge.

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Photo tour in the Kaskelen gorge.

The Kaskelen gorge is famous for its natural sights and its beauty. There is a mountain trail along the gorge, along which you can make a mountain hike (hiking) and travel through the local mountains. From the Kaskelen gorge, you can walk towards the city of Almaty through the mountains, overcoming short distances. The entire journey will take approximately 2-3 days, depending on the route and its complexity.

Uytas, a stone-yurt in the Kaskelen gorge.

This stone is very large, resembles a stone yurt, the height of the stone is 5 meters, weight is 500 tons.
It is located in the Kaskelen gorge, along a mountain path. A new asphalt road leads to the upper reaches of the gorge, so it is very easy to get here.

Kaskelen city - how to get there.

If you go from Almaty to the west through the village of Kamenka, then after 20 km beyond the bridge over the stormy Kaskelen river the road will turn into the mountains to the Kaskelen gorge. On the way we will pass a picturesque small town, Kaskelen, which not so long ago had the status of a village. Kaskelen is a city of the Karasai district of the Almaty region. Kaskelen is one of the settlements built in Zhetysu during the Karluk period (VII-IX centuries). In ancient times, tribes settled in the region on fertile pastures and lands suitable for irrigated agriculture.

Kaskelen river - walk along the river.

The river is very picturesque, along the river there are many places where you can have a picnic, take a break from the bustle of the city and breathe fresh air. In summer, when it is very hot in the river, you can swim, but this must be done in compliance with safety precautions, in some places the river can be stormy, so you need to plunge in small creeks where the water is not so fast.


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