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Lake Akkol, upper reaches of the Issyk River.

Hiking (mountain hike) to the Akkol lake.

Photo tour to the Akkol lake in the Almaty mountains.

Akkol or White Lake, a picturesque moraine lake located at an altitude of 3100 meters above sea level, is part of the Ile Alatau Park and the Almaty Reserve. There is a mountain path to the lake, along which you can walk to the lake and take beautiful photos here, if you wish, you can swim in the lake. Be careful the water in the lake is very cold, usually people who are physically prepared do it.

Akkol lake - how to get there.

The lake is located in the upper reaches of the Issyk mountain gorge, Almaty region, Ile-Alatau park-reserve. To walk to the lake, be sure to use the services of a mountain guide who knows the area well. We do not recommend traveling alone through the mountains of Almaty, in order to avoid emergencies.

GPS coordinates of Lake Akkol: N43 ° 07'37.37 "E77 ° 29'08.87

Akkol mountain moraine lake - information for tourists.

There is a mountain route across the lake to Talgar peak, so if you suddenly decide to climb Talgar peak, you will definitely see this lake. The journey to the lake will take you one day, you need to go out early in the morning to go up to the lake before lunchtime, and after lunch, descent to the valley. To travel in the mountains, you must have special equipment and experience in mountain travel.

Akkol alpine lake


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