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Kolenkeli mountains, Mangistau region, Kazakhstan

Tours and travel around the Mangistau region to the Kolenkeli mountains

The Kolenkeli mountains (kaz. Kolenkely) are part of the Mangistau region, they are a local attraction and traveling through this region we will definitely visit these mountains and see them. The main landmark here is the village of Beineu, also here are the famous sands of the Karakum (desert), Dozyntau salt marsh, the Sholkara mountain range and other local attractions.

Kolenkeli mountains - how to get there

GPs coordinates of Kolenkeli mountains: N46°22'58.70" E55°22'46.86"

The mountains are located on the territory of boundless Kazakhstan, and more precisely in its Mangistau region near the village of Beineu. Getting here is very easy and not difficult, but for this you will need a 4x4 car and a local guide who knows the area. You can also use the services of our company, which organizes individual and group tours throughout the Mangyshlak peninsula and the Mangystau region.

Kolenkeli mountains - information for tourists

The length of the mountains is 40 kilometers, the whole area is desert, the highest part of this territory does not exceed 220 meters above sea level. In the mountains there are wells in which there is water and you can drink it. The Donyztau tract is also located here, and 33 kilometers away is Mount Konyrtobe. The whole area is difficult to access, it is necessary to move around here in at least two 4x4 cars so that travelers can help each other in case of an emergency, it is also necessary that you have a guide who knows the area with you. The village of Borankul (Oporny) is a local landmark, the distance from the village to the mountains of Kolenkeli is 75 kilometers. The whole area is rich in paleontological fossils that can be found everywhere here, the shells of ancient oysters, the teeth of ancient sharks, which can be found in a fairly large specimen the size of a palm. In this place, according to scientists, there was an ancient Tethys sea 40 million years ago.

kolenkeli mountains