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Karadairmen mountain gorge, Mangistau region

Nature of Mangistau.

Natural attractions of Mangistau and Western Kazakhstan.

The Karadairmen mountain gorge is one of the attractions of the Mangyshlak peninsula and the Mangystau region. The gorge is a low rock formations located in the steppe and flat terrain. The gorge is not large, its length is 2 kilometers, the gorge is very picturesque and unusual.

Karadairmen Gorge - how to get there.

GPS coordinates of the Karadairmen gorge: N44°14'26.87" E51°53'28.11"

The gorge is located in the Western Karatau mountains, in a lowland between two ridges, and the Northern Aktau mountains. The main landmark here is the village of Shaiyr, the distance from the village to the Karadairmen gorge is 7 kilometers, the famous Mount Sherkala and Mount Zhalgan are located nearby, about 9 kilometers away. All these attractions are located in the Mangystau district of the Mangystau region.

Karadairmen Gorge - information for tourists.

In the gorge you will find shade in which you can easily hide from the scorching sun during the day. The Karadairmen gorge is picturesque, a road leads to the gorge along which you can drive by car to the beginning of the ascent. We recommend traveling around the region only by 4x4 car. The entrance to the gorge looks like a huge stone gate, which was built by the giants in ancient times. In the gorge there is a beautiful mountain stream and a small waterfall, where you can swim in extreme heat. You can get into the gorge only on foot, for this you need to climb the left ridge and then go down to the bottom of the gorge.

Gorge Karadairmen.


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