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Zhalanash valley or Zhalanashskaya valley, Almaty region, Kazakhstan.

Excursion trip to the Zhalanash valley.

Sights of Almaty region - Zhalanash valley.

The Zhalanash valley is one of the remarkable sights of the Almaty region, the valley is pleased with its large area of ​​500 square kilometers, the length of the valley exceeds 25 kilometers, the width is 20 kilometers. The highest point in the valley is 1300 meters, which is quite high for this region.

Zhalanashskaya valley - how to get there.

The Zhalanash valley is located in the Almaty region, in the Toraigyr mountains, Raymbe district. The Zhalanash valley includes the famous Charyn, the Kopal tract, the Zhalanash valley, the Togyzbulak tract, the Shet-Merke river valley, the Kegen river, and the Toraigyr mountains.
Geographic coordinates of the Zhalanash valley: N43°09'45.38" E78°42'41.94"

Zhalanash valley - information for tourists.

The valley is part of the Kungei-Alatu mountains, traveling through the valley we will visit many local attractions listed above, the Charyn river valley is located in the valley, so we will definitely visit the Charyn, the Charyn river, see the Charyn canyon, visit the famous Valley of Castles. In the north of the Zhalanash valley, the highest point is in the Kopal mountains at an altitude of 1800 meters, that is, from the flat part of the Zhalanash valley we smoothly move into the mountains that are located here. The Chilik-Algabas highway runs along the Zhalanash valley, the length of which is 26 kilometers.

Zhalanash valley (Zhalanashskaya).


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